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I AM A LED Light Mask

I AM A LED Light Mask

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Introducing a new way to think about your skincare and how important it is to keep your face free from bacteria and collagen loss that cause many leading skin concerns.

What it is:

Tone & Lift Your Face Without Botox or Injections. While Botox, fillers, and topical skincare work to cover the symptoms of aging skin, light therapy solves the problem at a cellular level naturally.

Our signature way to younger and clearer skin naturally.

IAMA's LED Face Mask brings LED clinic treatment to the comfort of your home. This sleek and compact design emits LED light in the visible and invisible spectra (wavelengths around 460nm-630nm), the same as 'in-clinic treatments' but for a fraction of the cost.

LED light is commonly used as a cosmetic treatment of dermatological conditions at skin care clinics. Using this cordless LED Light Shield Mask daily at home can help rejuvenate your skin, reduce pigmentation and wrinkles, and combat acne.

As we age, our body’s collagen production decreases, leaving our skin less plump and less full. However, through light therapy, you’re stimulating collagen production beneath the skin to receive deeper and significantly more effective results than Botox, fillers, and topical skincare - backed by Scientific research.

What it does:

- Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on the face/body

- Reduces the size of larger pores

- Anti-bacterial to vanish acne

- Fades hyperpigmentation & promotes healthy cell turnover

- Detoxify + Brighten skin

- Reduce inflammation

- Eliminates acne-scarring by 90%

- Firms, lifts and tightens skin

- Youth Boosting & Plumping

- Increases lymphatic flow and cellular growth

- Evens out skin tone and texture

- Reduces redness

- Stops stubborn hormonal or pimples/spots

- Eliminates brown spots from sun exposure

- Minimises Eczema, Rosacea and Melasma


Highly Recommended by the world's most esteemed Professionals such as:

- Dermatologist and YouTuber, Dr Cassandra Bankson
- Plastic Surgeon Dr Daniel Barrett
- MD and Viral Social Media Enthusiast Dr Anthony Youn
- Dermatologist and Youtuber Dr Andrea Suarez


100% safe and no downtime

This mask doesn’t use any chemicals and UV rays that may cause harmful effects on the skin. It is 100% safe and easy to use. Use the mask for 15-20 minutes daily and continue with your daily routine with no downtime.

Boost your daily skin routine

Use the LED Light Face Mask together with your favourite skin cream or beauty mask to boost the effectiveness of your daily skin routine. The LED light allows for quicker absorption and deeper skin penetration of creams giving you quicker treatment and longer-lasting results.


Led Light Therapy is titled as key skincare right next to sunscreen to not only prevent wrinkles but takes it a step further to erase present lines and wrinkles - yes, erase. No UVA or UVB light and not harmful to the skin or eyes.



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  • 87% smoother facial wrinkles and fine lines

    Fine Lines & Wrinkles

    Reduces depth of wrinkles and smooths fine lines.

    Stimulates natural collagen for firmer, fuller skin.

    Calms redness and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion.


    I AM A's LED Light Therapy Mask’s red, deep red & infrared wavelengths works at a cellular level to stimulate collagen and elastin production, where even the best serums and creams can't reach.

    It helps replace lost volume while encouraging the skin to heal and rejuvenate itself, for visibly smoother, younger looking skin.

  • 91% improved skin tone and enhanced smoothness

    Pigmentation & Inflammation

    ✔ Soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits reduces redness and inflammation.

    ✔ Fades pigmentation and dark spots for more radiant, even-toned skin.

    ✔ Heals and rejuvenates skin, helping with sundamage, hyperpigmentation.


    I AM A's LED Light Therapy Mask’s red, deep red & infrared wavelengths works at a cellular level to stimulate collagen and elastin production, where even the best serums and creams can't reach.

    It helps replace lost volume while encouraging the skin to heal and rejuvenate itself, for visibly smoother, younger looking skin.

  • 83% reduction of acne breakouts

    Acne & Breakouts

    ✔ Reduces acne and prevents future breakouts by eliminating bacteria.

    Heals and fades post breakout marks for more even tone skin.

    Rapidly reduces inflammation and regulates oil production.


    The irritating and drying side effects of salicylic acid and chemical peels are a thing of the past.

    I AM A's LED Light Therapy Mask combines Blue and Red wavelengths to effectively treat and prevent breakouts before they show.

    A natural, fast working, chemical-free treatment that improves and treats symptoms that come with having breakout prone skin.

The beauty of clinical results from home - minus the ‘clinical’ costs

A daily 3 minute session is like going to the beauty clinic five times a week. Minus the on-going costs, the time commitment, the overpromises, the upselling. Peronalized treatments, clinical-grade technology proven to transform your skin.

The same technology used in professional clinics by dermatologists, giving you the same results for a fraction of the cost - without leaving your couch.

Stimulate collagen production

Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

Prevent breakouts

Even skin tone for a healthy glow

Immediate, long lasting results

Backed by science

The Science - How does I AM A's Light Therapy technology work?

I AM A's LED Light Therapy Mask Is Unlike Any Other Skincare Device.

Our Pro Facewear uses clinical-grade technology to deliver safe, concentrated wavelengths of light directly to the underlying layers of your skin. The optimal wavelengths of light are absorbed by your skin cells and kick start the production of collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts. In turn, this stimulates mechanisms within the skin that solve skin problems and concerns from the inside out.

What type of LEDs do you use and how many are on your Pro Facewear?

Our Pro Facewear has 80 dual-core Red/Blue wavelength LED lights to stimulate your skin’s natural ability to heal itself:

Amber 605 nm

Red 630 nm

Blue 415 nm

Does your Pro Facewear use infrared light as well?

Yes! Our Pro Facewear uses red, infrared, amber, and deep red lights for the Anti-Ageing treatment.

What treatment functions does the your Pro Facewear have?

Our Pro Facewear offers three (3) different treatment modes:

Anti-Ageing (Red Light Therapy)

Anti-Breakout (Blue and Red Light Therapy)

Custom zone selection on five facial areas

What does the Anti-ageing treatment treat?

The Anti-ageing treatment rejuvenates the skin and combats signs of ageing like smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. But not only that, this treatment improves skin tone and texture by firming, soothing and brightening the skin, reduces redness and inflammation, and improves the appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation.With daily-treatments, users typically see visible improvement of wrinkles, fine lines and signs of ageing, as well as improved skin tone and smoothness after 12 weeks.

What does the Anti-breakout treatment treat?

The Anti-Breakout treatment is an effective treatment for clearing up mild acne. It eliminates active breakouts and prevents future flare ups, regulates oil production, minimizes pore size, reduces and fades post breakout marks on the skin.With daily-treatments, users will typically notice a reduction in acne breakouts after just 2 weeks!

Is your Pro Facewear safe to use?

Yes! Light therapy has been studied and tested across hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical trials, with overwhelmingly positive results for skin health. The treatment is pain free, non-invasive, requires no surgery and is a completely safe and effective treatment for all skin types.

“The change in my skin in the last 3 months has been incredible. Nothing has been able to clear my skin besides this mask.”

Ashley, 28

✅ Verified Customer

Our mask also allows moisturisers, serums and other products to penetrate deeply in the skin.

Applying your everyday moisturiser and using our mask for 10 minutes allows the products to penetrate deeper into the skin more effectively. Allowing you to experience both the benefits of Led Therapy and your moisturisers better.

87% erased wrinkles

smoother facial wrinkles and fine lines after 12 weeks

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83% reduction of breakouts

reduction of acne breakouts after 8 weeks

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91% improved smoothness

improved skin tone and enhanced smoothness after 12 weeks.

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